40 Travel gifts under $100 for the 2016 Holidays + #Giveaway

T’is the Holiday season for holiday gift shopping! We’re stoked to present you with these #2016Holiday travel gift ideas, all under $100 for your the loved ones on your holiday buying list who are frequent flyers, campers, kids, tech or music lovers and more—with a travel twist. As we’ve spent time compiling this holiday travel gift list, we tried our best to choose some items which are made by small businesses or are a healthy alternative. Make sure to check out our giveaway at the bottom of this post and click the product images and prices below for buying options.

**12/16/2016 UPDATE** // The winner of the Giveaway is Dawn M. dawnm******3@gmail.com. Congrats. You’ve got the weekend to contact us and claim your giveaway selection at our.fam.reviews@gmail.com.

Winner of our holiday 2016 travel gift guide giveaway


This article does contain affiliate links which we use to keep the holiday lights on and please read our Disclosure/Privacy terms here, read our giveaway rules and note that some products were provided for this review however, all the opinions are original and ours.

Shop Local for the 2016 Holiday Season #SmallBizSat


Small Business Saturday #ShopSmall

Small Business Saturday is a National campaign held every Saturday right after Thanksgiving which promotes buying local. While every attempt is made to find great holiday travel gift ideas for you in this guide, we would still highly encourage you to find local buying options. A few ways to encourage shopping local is to search the local Chamber of Commerce’s business directory and search local businesses in your area who offer gift cards using Giftly. Below is a list of local businesses in our home town, Mineral Point, Wisconsin which offer gift cards or gift certificates.

Kids & Teens Travel Gifts Under $100

We’re lucky to have our thumb on the leading edge of fun/STREAM to feature new, insightful toys, games and kid-tech products. Below are recommendations of our favorite holiday travel gifts for the kiddos on your holiday shipping list.

Neat-Oh! Magnutto Make-A-Mood Magnet Set

neat-oh-magnutto-make-a-moodFor Ages 5+
Available from Neat-Oh! International


Magnetic set includes box with 100 magnets which promote communication about emotions (and to create crazy faces!) This is the perfect non-digital travel activity where kids can let their imaginations run wild whilst giving parents a break, too. What kiddo doesn’t like making silly faces with magnets? There’s also Magnutto Dino and Pet.

Nintendo Classic Edition

Available from Nintendo

The retro NES Classic Ed features 30 classic games like Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Punch-Out!!, Galaga and more. Available starting November 11, 2016. This is a mini version of the original system launched in 1985 and it includes: one controller, HDMI cable, AC adapter and all games are pre-installed! Pack this gaming system up for the perfect travel entertainment! Read more on CNET.

Circuit Scribe Mini Kit

Source: CircuitScribe.com ~ For All Ages


This is the perfect stocking stuffer for all kids. Remember Snap Circuits? Well, Circuit Scribe is a new fun toy that brings smarts to kiddos and adults alike. I’m excited to share the Circuit Scribe Mini Kit with my boys and watch there eyes light up as they learn about the flow of electricty with the simple Circuit Scribe pen which gives you electrical current drawing super powers! Check out their YouTube channel for more info and note, there’s also larger kits available from Circuit Scribe.

portable-table-tenisPortable Table Tennis Set

Source: UncommonGoods


Our family loves ping-pong and this Table Tennis Set would be the perfect game to bring on any vacation, fun for adults and kids alike.

Mouthguard Challenge Game

Created by Alex Mandel and Sold by Identity Games on Amazon


This funny party game which guarantees laughter and silliness, is for teens and adults ages 16+ and is an ideal travel activity. Players try to say different phrases and perform different tasks or make up your own crazy challenges.

Reactorz Balls and Disc

Available from Coop Sports


Coop Sports Reactorz
Priced between $5.99 and $19.99–Reactorz balls and discs are best for kids and adults ages 5 and up. Powered by Reactive Light Technology, these special balls glow in the dark when caught, thrown, tapped or bounces. Reactorz are available on Amazon, Toys R Us, Academy Sports and most outdoor sporting goods stores. Read our review of Coop Reactorz here.

SmartGames Ghost Hunters

Source: SmartGames USA ~ For Ages 6+


Ghost Hunters by SmartGames USA is a compact style fun travel game for kids and adults which has brain teasing challenges and is for single player use. Setup includes placing a card on the game board and arranging the translucent flashlight game peices over the ghosts for the win. Follow SmartGames USA on Instagram ~ Pinterest ~ Facebook as they innovate games for all ages.

Scratch Art Portable Light Box

Available from Melissa & Doug for Ages 5+

Our kids have all used these scratchboard style arts sets however this kit is special as it makes stain glass artwork that glows! This product has a backlit pane which shines through the scratch artwork using the included scratch tools. Includes 2 scratch tools, four art sheets and backlit design desk light box toy.

brinware-tempered-glass-dishes-for-kidsBrinware Tempered Glass Plates

Manufactured by Brinware


Brinware plates are super strong, made of tempered glass and their hugged with silicone around the back of the plates for extra strength. Look for Brinware’s other kid-friendly kitchenware like containers, bibs and placemats too. Parents love Brinware products as they are easy to grip (no slipping out of little fingers) and BPA and phthalate-free. Kids love Brinware products because they are made just for the little ones, giving them a sense of ownership at the dinner table and all the kids enjoy the designs while eating too!

Relaxing Sound Machine

Available from Big Red Rooster and Amazon


Fall asleep with the Big Red Rooster Baby Sound Machine. Bring this sharp looking sound machine while you travel to help little ones doze off easier, featuring 6 sounds: white noise, heartbeat, ocean, lullaby and more. Also look for Big Red Rooster’s other Sound Machines for children and adults. Read more about this travel friendly sound machine for young children and babies on Pregnancy Magazine.

High-Tech Gifts Under $100 For The Road Warrior

Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens with Awesomesauce

Available from Olloclip


Bring your iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus photography to the next level with this 4-in-1 clip on iPhone 6 camera lens featuring Fisheye; Wide-Angle; 10x and 15x Macro lens options.

Project Fi by Google

Available from Google Fi

$15-20/mo. + $10/Gig

Google Project Fi Mobile Carrier Service
In March 2016, Google launched Project Fi, a cellular carrier service which works with the Pixel and two Nexus Google phones. This amazing mobile service has coverage in 135+ countries + the USA networks by connecting your data device(s) with a combination of Googles cellular partners: Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular and automatically switches between these and the closest wi-fi networks for seamless mobile service. There’s no contracts, no termination fees, no tethering fees, plan include unlimited talk and text and the Google Fi International SIM cards are inexpensive too. We hear the customer service is run by real humans too! Learn more at the Google Fi and Forbes.

Polaroid Cube HD Action Video Camera

Made by Polaroid and Sold on Amazon


This rugged high def video camera is small but powerful with 1080p video quality, 124 degree wide angle lens which can record up to 90 minutes of continuous video. Other accessories for the Polaroid Cube include a: chest-mount adapter ($10); head strap adapter ($4-8); Micro SD Card ($12); waterproof case ($12.99) and many more mounting brackets for this small HD action camera.

Karma Go Personal Wifi Signal

Available from Karma

$15/1 Gig

karmago-personal_wifiThe Karma Go uses LTE (cellular) connections to give you a 6-8 Megabit WiFi Internet connection. Not all but most USA coverage is available from Karma. This “Internet When You Travel” must-have item may not be Under $100 but is too cool to leave out of our holiday travel high-tech gift recommendations. The Karma Go device is $149, uses Android, iOS or desktop website to help you manage data usage. Prices include a pay-as-you-go “Refuel” option for $15 per Gig of data or monthly plans start at $40 per mo. for 5 Gigs and more. Learn more about how Karma works.

HooToo Wireless Travel Router

Manufactured by HooToo, Sold on Amazon


Dubbed the “Swiss Army” knife of travel routers, the HooToo Tripmate Elite travel router features: two USB charging ports; built in battery pack to charge 2 devices on the go (incl. a 5V/2.1A USB for iPad); creates a Wi-Fi network (802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz) from an ethernet plug and functions in AP, bridge or router modes.

d-link-n300-wifi-range-extendedD-Link N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender

Available on Amazon


We have two of these access points installed in our home and they are excellent for providing Wi-Fi to areas of our home where there are Internet dead spots. The D-Link Range Extenders are fast (300 Mbps) and super easy to use and can be brought with while you travel to help give your hotel room or timeshare better Wi-Fi signal too.

Outdoor Traveler Gifts Under $100

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Available on Amazon | Image Credit: EndlessSimmer.com


Image by EndlessSimmer.comThe Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is the perfect outdoor travel accessory and comes available in many sizes including this small 6.25 inch skillet for $7.99 up to a huge 17 inch skillet for around $50. All Lodge skillets come pre-seasoned and ready to use over a campfire, bbq pit, picnic grill or camp stove (or your home oven). A must have camping item.

SolarPuff Collapsible Light

Source: UncommonGoods.com


We’ve gone through many camping lanterns and so many flashlights which we use for exploring the great outdoors, around the campsite or our tent, which either are out of batteries or just don’t work (broken bulbs etc) so this SolarPuff Solar Light is an new alternative to the bedside or picnic table lantern. This items collapses for convenient packability and will never need batteries.

UCO Grilliput Duo & Firebowl XL

Made by UCO. Photo Credit: Awesomestuff365.com

$14.00 Firebowl Available on Amazon

$19.95 Grilliput Duo Available on Amazon

The two Grilliput products combined are a campers dream! The Firebowl folds down small enough to into your pants pocket. The Grilliput Duo is lightweight and it disassembles easily and all pieces fit together inside of one of the grilling tubes.

thinksport-kids-sunscreenThinksport Kid’s Safe Sunscreen

Available on Amazon


This 3 ounce, SPF 50+ kid-friendly (if there is such a thing) sun-tan lotion is a personal favorite in our house! We love this product because it is not greasy, it does not wash away while wading at the beach and it’s available at a decent price on Amazon. Don’t be fooled by the name, this product is not only great for kids but perfect for adults too as it’s free of harmful chemicals; is Organic and; does not stink.

Titan Campfire Swivel Grill & Griddle

Available on Amazon


This adjustable campfire grill features two cooking surfaces for working the food over the fire. Made from heavy duty steel, the manufacturer supports this product with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, “so contact our customer service department with any questions.” The one inch thick post spike is made from cold rolled steel giving the grill system a solid backbone and plenty of room to adjust height of the cooking surfaces which lift off for easy cleaning.

Nature Shield Essential Oil

Available on Amazon


Our family does not use bug spray or insect repellant with DEET or other harmful chemicals. I’m happy to pass along this camping hack, using essential oils as an alternative to bug spray. Mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other pesky buggers can ruin a camping trip or afternoon of outdoor hiking so plan ahead by mixing 60 drops or 1/2 tsp. of this essential oil in a small spray bottle with a cup of water which makes an effected bug repellant that can be sprayed all over your body and clothes. It smells good too! We’ve used this in the deep woods in Wisconsin and it works quite well. The magic sauce in this essential oil blend is citronella, geranium, eucalyptus, cedar wood and tea tree oils.

landsend-puffer-vestLands’ End Puffer Vest

Source: Lands’ End


This warm yet lightweight vest is available in all sizes in navy blue and black colors with snaps in the front and is rated for cold outdoor adventure temps down to 5 to 25 degrees F.

Leatherman Wave Multitool

Available on Amazon | Video Credit: BrandmadeTV

Starting at $80

Survivalist and prepp’ers agree that people should always carry a knife, as a basic yet necessary tool. A multitool is an excellent alternative to a pocket knife of hunting blade as multitools feature more than just a knife. Using a multitool is extremely handy for numerous outdoor tasks like removing a splinter, cutting food, whittling, cutting rope to hang that tarp, opening a bottle cap, cleaning a fish or carving a stick to cook with over the fire. But this one is special. The Leatherman Wave features a 25 year warranty and 17 tools all of which can be opened with one hand (including the Wave’s large screwdriver) and all Leatherman products are extremely high quality – hand made in the USA by a family owned business – you’re supporting a local small business.

Travel Gifts Under $100 for the Music Lover

Bluetooth Action Speaker

Available from Zagg


bluetooth-action-speaker-smallThis is no ordinary bluetooth speaker. This portable speaker is touted as amazingly loud for its size, is weather resistant, includes a carabineer to attach to almost anything and is ready for every adventure. Available in 6 colors and free shipping on all orders in the USA.

dj-in-a-boxLoopy Lou the DJ in a Box

Available from UncommonGoods


The Loopy Lou DJ in a Box is an electronic recording tool which uses an internal microphone to record voice or other sounds then playback, loop, change the pitch and other audio manipulation fun. This device includes an 1/8 inch stereo out jack to plug in a guitar amp, computer, headphones etc. Handmade in Brooklyn, New York.

Katie Burns Weighted Balloon Album

Available from KatieBurnsMusic.comBandcamp, iTunes, Soundcloud and YouTube.


Stream, download or get a CD or vinyl/record/album of this beautiful music produced in Omaha, NE by Katie Burns. The perfect accompaniment to your holiday season listening pleasure. Check out Katie’s Facebook page for Midwest gigs and tour dates.

Snark Electric Tuner

Manufactured by SnarkTuners, for Sale on Amazon and Photo Courtesy of HarmonyCentral.


This tuner works with ALL music instruments and features a colorful display which clips on the headstock. This inexpensive chromatic tuner can be passed around for the whole band to use. There’s a few settings including use of the internal mic or vibration, pitch calibration and metronome.

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

Manufactured by CozyPhones and for Sale on Amazon.


These headphones are what dreams are made of. If you’ve ever tried wearing headphones while trying to doze off, you know how uncomfortable your head against the pillow is with earbuds feeling like a bump. These silly looking headphones are no joke, featuring ultra thin, cushioned removable speakers (the headband is machine washable).

Frequent Flyer Gifts Under $100

These travel gifts go in your carry-on bag, backpack or in the tent. With airline companies charging extra for check-in baggage, many frugal travelers use a carry-on as their only luggage. Below are recommendations for the best travel gifts for carrying-on a flight.

Global Entry + TSA Pre-Check

Available from TSA / U.S. Customs Border Protection and read the Global Entry Guide from TheTravelingSisters.com

$100/5 yrs.

Skip ahead the custom lines on International and USA Domestic flights with Global Entry which includes the TSA Pre-Check for USA domestic flights. The pre-application fee is $100 and needs to be renewed every 5 years.

Travel Stub Diary

Available at UncommonGround.com


This classy Travel Stub Diary from UmcommonGround.com will preserve left over nostalgia like travel tickets, fun receipts, concert tickets or wristbands or other adventures. Preserve a past travel experience with this scrapbook style diary which includes creative space to also jot down fond memories and save left over travel arrangements not to be forgotten.

Grand Trunk Travel PillowL.L.Bean Grand Trunk Travel Pillow

Available at L.L.Bean


We’ve had the chance to use this L.L.Bean travel pillow on numerous vacations and overnight trips and it is comfy for the campsite, airport layover and compresses into a small self-contained bag.

Suitcase friendly non-wrinkle tie case for travelLeatherette Tie Case

Available at Amazon


Until we found this Roll Tie Case, there never seemed to be a good way to pack a neck tie, without having it wrinkled after unpacking. This simple travel hack ensures a wrinkle-free dinner or business occasion while on the road.

Holday 2016 Gifts For the Coffee Addict

When you travel, coffee can be the lifeblood that nourishes a morning and brings that zip into mornings on the road.

hidden-fortress-coffee-new-labelHidden Fortress Organic Coffee Subscription

2 lbs. of coffee delivered once per month. Available from Hidden Fortress Coffee


Subscribe for delivery once or twice per month of organic Hidden Fortress Coffee! Subscriptions include a discount of $3 per lb. and subscription orders are always roasted the day before delivery or shipment, so you always get the freshest coffee by subscribing. Read about free delivery for those located in Santa Cruz County, CA.

On The Go Coffee PressOn The Go Coffee Press

Source: UncommonGoods


This 15 ounce, insulated stainless steel coffee press converts into a travel mug for the on-the-go coffee lover. We use a french press to make coffee every morning and it is worth bragging about.

16-oz-stainless-steel-ninja-travel-mugNinja Travel Mug

Available from Ninja


The 16 ounce Stainless Steel Ninja Travel Mug works as an everyday commuter companion but also is engineered to work with the Ninja(R) Coffee Bar. When this coffee warrior is needed, it can keep drinks cold for 12 hours; will keep coffee hot for up to 5 hours and; is dishwasher safe (just like all the rest of the high-end Ninja products.)

Holiday Travel Gifts Under $100 for Ages 21+

The products below are alcoholic beverages and intended for adults 21 years old and up.

Old Fashioned – Carry On Cocktail Kit

Available at MODCLOTH and Amazon


Being from Wisconsin, the brandy old fashioned (with Korbel brandy) is a favorite – enjoy The Carry On Cocktail while you’re a mile high.

ciderfarm_brandy_bottle_actual2 or 3 Year Aged Apple Brandy

Source: The Cider Farm


Shipping is available by making a reservation from The Cider Farm, an organic apple cider and apple brandy orchard and beverage producer located in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

Finnegas-Beer With A Cause

Source: Finnegans


Finnegans Beer has a annual holiday drive “Drink Like You Care”. Feel good buying this beer as profits of Finnegans Beer in November and December are donated to local food pantries. This is a beer you can truly enjoy inside and out and is perfect for the beach, poolside, in the woods and other adventurous locations where glass bottles are not safe. Find your local Finnegans retailer.

one-hope-ca-spk-glitter-gold-667-300x300ONEHOPE Brut Sparkling Wine

Produced by ONEHOPE, Sold on Amazon.


ONEHOPE Gold Glitter Edition Brut, a California sparkling wine, is no ordinary bubbly, each bottle sold provides 15 meals to kids in need.

spotted-cow-beer-signSpotted Cow Beer Sign

Available from New Glarus Brewing


Spotted Cow Beer from New Glarus Brewing may not be distributed outside the Wisconsin State borders but you can still have a little slice of beer heaven in your mancave (or she-shed). Free shipping on all orders of $60 or more in the lower 48 USA States. Shipping via UPS ground.

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**12/16/2016 UPDATE** // The winner of the Giveaway is Dawn M. dawnm******3@gmail.com. Congrats. You’ve got the weekend to contact us and claim your giveaway selection at our.fam.reviews@gmail.com.

Winner of our holiday 2016 travel gift guide giveaway

Enter Our 2016 Holiday Travel Gift Guide Giveaway
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Winner’s Choice – 1 giveaway winner will be shipped their choice of one of these two items:

  • Brinware 2 Pack of Tempered Glass Plates “with a silicone coating to provide an extra-durable layer of protection and slip resistance, these BPA- and phthalate-free dishes offer an alternative to plastic plates—with awesome aquatic designs to boot!”
  • sound-machineWhite Sound Machine by Big Red Rooster featuring “6 sounds – heartbeat, lullaby, ocean waves (our fav’), rock-a-bye, twinkle-twinkle and white noise”.

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