Romantic Getaway Must Haves

Secret Romantic Getaway Must Haves

Have you been planning a secret romantic getaway for your significant other? The anticipation of keeping a secret can be exciting, trying and in my case almost impossible to pull off!

Planning a secret romantic getaway for your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other is a great way to spend a night or weekend away from the kids to rekindle your relationship and celebrate each other with intimacy. Below is a list of suggested must haves for planning your secret romantic getaway.

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Don’t Forget These Must-Have Items For Your Kid-Free Getaway

  • Book Your Getaway with Airbnb (link gives you a credit if you use it)
  • Secret Romantic DIY Love Book

There’s a ton of crafty ideas on Pinterest which you can use for inspiration but this one stands out with easy-of-creation and simplicity in finding supplies.

Candles and Message Oil

beeswax-candlesSetting the mood for a romantic endeavor is important to both parties. Make sure to bring good candles which don’t stink and which do not contain carcinogens. We recommend Beeswax candles which you can find inexpensively (and which ships fast if you are shopping last minute) on Amazon.

Ask your partner in romance what their favorite smells are and pack message oils according to their taste. Good options for message oil include coconut oil mixed with an essential oil like lavender, vanilla, pachouli, geranium etc.

Liquor Is Quicker

Make sure to pack a bottle of wine or whatever your partner’s “poison” of choice is (thanks Lisa) and don’t forget wine glasses, cork screw and ice if that’s the preference.

Other Must Have Romantic Getaway Weekend Items

  • Your partners fav’ music
  • Lingerie and a swim suit
  • Bathrobe
  • Pack your partners clothes the night before to add extra points!
  • Do’nt forget to grab snacks like nuts, fruit, dried meat and water for the road trip and in between “meals”.
  • Bath gel or salts for a relaxing bath during your stay

Bonus Tip For Your Secret Romantic Getway

Pack a bag for your partner the night before and put out a dress or suit coat (depending on their gender) with a necklace and fancy underwear (or tie and sexy boxers) and leave a note the morning of on for your partner to see in the AM “Leaving at 2pm! Be ready by 1:30pm and I’ll come get you.”

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Special thanks to my employer for help with these ideas! You’re the best Lisa!

3 thoughts on “Secret Romantic Getaway Must Haves

  1. These all sound like good tips. Candles are so romantic, and a bottle of wine with beautiful music is a nice touch. All couples need a break from the kids. God lov’em.


  2. This is a great list of must-haves for a romantic getaway! Maybe one day we’ll actually get one! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  3. Thanks for the great ideas! Unfortunately I don’t drive so I can’t really plan a surprise like that. Maybe I could tell my husband the night before. Usually I don’t do candles because I have a cat. *LOL* kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you! Merry Christmas!


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