Night time view Ice fishing at Coady's Point of View Resort

Ice fishing and winter fun at Coadys’ Point of View Lake Resort near Eagle River Wisconsin

Coadys’ Point of View Lake Resort, situated at North Twin Lake near Eagle River, is a fantastic place to experience the popular winter activity of ice fishing in Wisconsin.

Winter in Phelps, WIIce fishing at Coady's Point of View Resort

The serene setting at Coadys’ Point of View Resort and Campground makes for a perfect day on the ice. Not only is the resort perfect for ice fishing, it’s also located in the heart of snowmobile country, with access to hundreds of miles of groomed trails, close to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities.

Frozen ice View from North Twin lake at Coady's Point of View Resort

In the wintertime, the cottages and cabins at Coadys’ POV resort are so cozy and comfortable to warm up in after a day on the ice. The cabins include a variety of winter vacation accommodations including fireplaces, fast wifi, and super comfy beds. Here’s a few photos from our wonderful accommodations at Cabin #12 “Turtle’s Hideaway”.

The winter scenery at Coadys’ Point of View is truly breathtaking, and the peaceful, quiet atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing escape into the snowy woods of northern Wisconsin. The friendly and welcoming staff is dedicated to making your stay enjoyable and memorable.

Panorama view of Ice fishing at Coady's Point of View Resort

When entering the resort, follow the road to the end to the cabins. It’s recommended to use the Coadys’ POV resort map to find your cabin location.

When it comes to ice fishing, Coadys’ Point of View Resort is the perfect location for ice fishing as it’s perfectly situated on North Twin Lake, which is known for its abundance of panfish, including perch, bluegill, and crappie. The lake is also home to largemouth bass, northern pike, and walleye.

To start ice fishing, you’ll need to drill a hole in the ice and set up your fishing gear. This typically includes a fishing rod, reel, line, bait, and a portable shelter to keep you warm and dry. See more below about ice fishing equipment rentals at Coadys’ POV. When ice fishing, be patient and wait for a bite – when you feel a tug on your line, reel it in slowly to avoid breaking the line.

Once you’ve set up your equipment, it’s time to start fishing! The best time to catch fish is usually early in the morning or late in the evening, when the fish are most active. After interviewing an ice fisher at Coadys’ POV Resort on North Twin Lake, they shared that the fish are also very active when there’s a big snowfall with low wind.

Learn more about ice fishing at Coadys’ Point of View Resort.

Ice fishing Shanty for rent at Coady's Point of View ResortIf you don’t want to worry about bringing your own gear, ice fishing equipment rental packages are available at Coadys’ Point of View Resort . Be sure to check their equipment availability calendar as rentals operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The ice fishing equipment packages include a 4-person wood shanty or a 4-person pop-up insulated tent. Don’t forget to check the Coadys’ POV website for equipment availability. Added bonus! However ice fishing equipment rentals are not a guided service, upon request, the resort staff will help with setup.

One of our favorite stops near the resort was about a half-hour drive west to Saint Germain Brewery. Here’s some photos from our beer-filled lunch:

Don’t forget the Camp Store at Coadys’ POV Resort

Here’s a few photos of the fun camp resort, game room and rec-room:

Coadys’ Point of View Resort is an ideal choice for those looking to go ice fishing during the winter months. The resort can provide equipment to help ensure a successful fishing expedition, and the comfortable cabins provide the perfect place to relax after a long day outdoors. The resort is conveniently located near a larger town (Eagle River, WI) with many services, plus a variety of winter activities such as snowmobiling and sking, making it an ideal destination for a winter vacation. Overall, Coadys’ POV Resort is a great place to experience a variety of winter sports and activities in a beautiful natural setting.

Ice fishing at Coady's Point of View Resort

Ice fishing at Coadys’ POV Resort is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the winter season. With a cozy cabin at Coadys’ Point of View Resort, you can make it a relaxing getaway as well.

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Glamping hacks and how to stay cool while camping

Glamping hacks and how to stay cool while camping

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One of the only negative aspects of camping is that we are so dependent on the weather. If it is raining, super-hot or cold, it’s difficult to have fun and enjoy the great outdoors without some creativity! Below are some tips on how to stay cool while camping and other glamping hacks too!

  • Build a “Redneck air conditioning”. Get a styrofoam cooler, fill it with an ice block, cut a hole in the top and insert a batter-operated fan inside the top of the cooler lid blowing out.

Bucket Air Conditioner

  • Erect a tarp shade using a tree or your vehicle to shade your campsite and enjoy the shade.
  • Go swimming.
  • Setup your tent in the shade.
  • Remove your rain fly. Let the air flow when the weather calls for no rain and if you’re not already, consider a tent with screen or mesh sides.
  • Find the direction of the wind and aim your tent door face the income breeze.
  • Use a sheet instead of a sleeping bag.
  • Use a camping cot. Lifting your body off the ground will provide some needed air flow.
  • Enjoy some indoor activities in the cool AC while camping like a brewery tour, winery tour, see a movie or go to a museum.
  • Camp in the cooler months like Spring, Fall or Winter.
  • Drink cold beverages.
  • Buy a rechargeable portable solar or battery operated fan to keep cool.
  • Drink plenty of water!
  • Trade in your socks and shoes for sandals! Cooling your feet will help you stay much cooler.
  • Wait to light the fire until the sun goes down. If you were planning to cool breakfast and lunch over the fire, change your plans, use a solar oven or make breakfast or lunch using a portable stove or camp grill.