Exploring Multnomah Falls in Oregon & #GIVEAWAY

At least once, everyone must plan to visit the Pacific Northwest, USA including Oregon, Washington and beyond. In this post, we welcome guest contributor and Pro photography Rachel Konsella of Vancouver, Washington. Plus, enter our giveaway for a vintage collection of tourist bells (which were my grandma’s.)


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Enter our giveaway to win my grandma's collection of antique tourist bells

About Rachel

Rachel’s tagline, mantra and hedgehog principle: “Everyone has a story; I want to help tell yours beautifully.”

Rachel grew up in the mid-west, fascinated with cameras and the art world since she can remember. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Photography and soon after moved to the Pacific Northwest where she started her photography business in 2015. She specializes in wedding photography, portrait, travel, and conceptual photography. Her passion, ambition and risk set her apart from other photographers and her philosophy is simple; Everyone has a story; I want to help you tell yours beautifully.

Waterfall Photo Set – Multnomah Falls (OR, USA)

In this post Rachel shares insider tips from a professional photographer’s perspective to discover the best views of the Multnomah Falls in Oregon. It’s very exciting to be collaborating with Rachel and below are her tips for visiting the “iconic” Multnomah Falls.

Multnomah Falls is about 30 minutes east of Portland, OR and is a 611-foot-tall waterfall. The waterfall can be seen from and is located off of Hwy 84. Hwy 84 lies parallel to the Columbia River, which divides the states of Washington and Oregon and goes through an area called the Columbia Gorge.

The drive to get to the falls from Portland


This is the gorge in the winter. If it’s been snowing in the Portland area (it has been this winter) sections of Hwy 84 will be completely closed down for several days in a row. This can be a huge damper on travel plans, because there aren’t really other options. It’s always a good idea in the winter to check that all roadways are open before venturing out.

The view of the Columbia Gorge

The Columbia Gorge is filled with trails, waterfalls and jaw dropping views of the Columbia River.

You can see Hwy 84 traffic on the right side of the photo. This was taken at a ‘scenic viewpoint’ in the Columbia Gorge that I ALWAYS stop at, when I’m in the area, because it is always has a beautiful view. In the Pacific Northwest, I tend to stop at ANY ‘scenic viewpoint’ because they are epic compared to the scenic viewpoints in the midwest.



This is the view you’ll see after you park and start walking up to the falls with a lovely foot bridge bringing you to the visitors center and restaurant.


A close up of the falls in winter. In the summer, this view will be crowded with people.

The paved trail to get to the bridge is decently steep and can be slippery, but it is well worth the 5-10 min hike. After reaching the bridge, you can continue hiking for 1 mile along switchbacks to get to the top of the falls, to get a view down. That hike is longer, steeper, and not paved. I always suggest hiking as much as you can while you’re there, because it’s unlike anywhere else!

More Info About Multnomah Falls

If you are visiting Multnomah Falls for the first time, you’ll be happy to know, there’s no Northwest Forest Pass required for entrance and pets are welcome (on a leash).


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Breezy Point Resort and the Breezy Belle in Minnesota

Last week, we hit the pavement for a fun, adventure-filled family vacation at Breezy Point Resort near Brainerd, MN. We left the pets with family and traveled from our home near Madison, WI to Breezy Point Resort, which we found to be relaxing, enjoyable and, an all inclusive family destination (which we chose for its proximity to Wisconsin.)

We kicked off our Minnesota road trip by stopping by the childhood home of Laura Ingles WIlder, ya' know, from Little House On The Prairie. The obligatory fam' pic in Peppin, WI
We kicked off our Minnesota road trip by stopping by the childhood home of Laura Ingles WIlder, ya’ know, from Little House On The Prairie. The obligatory fam’ pic in Peppin, WI

The Breezy Point Resort is a 4 season resort located just outside Brainerd, MN in central Minnesota. There’s many services which are included with the timeshare we booked via RCI at Breezy Point Resort which included use of the shuttle, multiple indoor swimming pools (with hot tubs, kiddie pools, etc), numerous restaurants on site (or favorite was the Dockside Lounge which overlooks the beautiful lake) and our boating tour on the Breezy Belle!

Please note, our family went on a free tour of Pelican Lake aboard the Breezy Belle with yummy pizza from the Dockside Lounge thanks to Breezy Point Resort in exchange for this review.

Thanks to Breezy Point Resort for providing accommodations for our tour of Pelican Lake aboard the Breezy Belle in exchange for this review (and the Dockside pizza!) we loved our stay, big time!

The arcade at Breezy Point Resort was a hit!

In addition to the Breezy Belle, Coffee House and arcades, other highlights at Breezy Point Resort include multiple swimming beaches; boat rentals at the Breezy Point Resort Marina (non-motorized aka kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, paddle boards,etc and motor boats, including party barges); and the Spa.

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Leaving from the Midwest

We kicked off the trip leaving the Chicago area and traveling the first leg via Amtrak’s Southwest Chief. I haven’t taken a train trip in 20 years and it’s hard to believe that I’ll arrive in New Mexico tomorrow morning. If we were driving it would take 2 1/2 days. Wow! And, round trip, it was only $200. Much cheaper than paying for motels, food, and gas.

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Video Music by DJFMAV

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The Find It Games are a portable activity and one of my boys’ new favorites to bring along while we’re on the go. Read more below about the Find It Discover America and Find It Eww Gross games which we enjoyed most on car rides.
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Poopyhead, The Game Where Number 2 Always Wins!

Poopyhead by Identity Games
Poopyhead is a fun family game for ages 6+

Poopyhead is a funny game which has the added bonus of having to wash your hands. Kids might not know, but this game promotes concentration as players focus on placing alternating colors and a specific order of the cards: toilet, poop, toilet paper then wash your hands. The directions may sound a little silly but this game is very familiar, is not super competitive and easy once you get the hang of it.

We enjoyed this family game very, very much as we tested it with two players then the whole family too. All three of the boys in our family were able to play and despite the game being for Ages 6 and up, you will notice in the video below that little Ollie is only 4 and he easily learned how to play Poopyhead. Kids will enjoy the hilarious poops that go on the loosers’ heads and who doesn’t like whopie cushions?

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