10 secret tips to an awesome life

There’s an awakening inside many of us that’s coming to understand that the secret to happiness is knowing yourself, treating yourself to recreation, our connections with everyone and feeding our body and minds with health. Late last night I discovered some excellent tips to sustain an awesome life and below I’ve abbreviated my favorites in a reshare post for your healthy education.

Tips for having an awesome life

1) Walk

Treat yourself with a short 10-30 minute walk each day and do your best to sustain a smile which really does make you feel so good.

2) Sit Quietly

Take 10 minutes each day to sit (facing the sun if you can) and just be, your mind does not have to be silent but find a quiet place to enjoy these 10 minutes of nothingness, your mind, body and soul with thank you.

3) Eat & Drink

Enjoy a snack of whole almonds, pumpkin seeds, blueberries and eat more organic spinach greens. Drink lots of water and try green tea.

4) Love

Make an effort to make someone smile each day. Tell a joke, give a hug, let your friend know you appreciate them or send a smile to someone random and see if they smile back.

5) Live Now

This is the most difficult for me. Let go of the past, live in the moment/present, don’t have expectations of people and know that we are all unique and special.

6) Lighten Up

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Remember that many people will not take you seriously, so don’t stress too much on how people feel about you – many will forget what you just said 30 seconds later and will just go on their way.

7) Everything is Temporary

When something bad happens, ask yourself “is this going to make a bit of difference next year, how about five years down the road?” If you are in a good or bad place in life, remember it is all going to change eventually.

8) Keep Them Close

When you are not feeling well, hurt or in need of help, your friends and family will take care of you. Make a point to keep close friends and nurture this family relationships as well by communicating with those you love. These people love you too and who better to share your pain with? Our family and true friends will be there for us when we need help so be sure to reach out, go for that beer regularly, set that dinner or coffee date and enjoy the relationships in our lives.

9) You Are Blesses

If you have food to eat, a bed to sleep in, clothes to wear and a roof over your head, note that you are lucky. There are hundreds of millions of people now on this planet who do NOT have basic sustenance – be thankful for these things you do have.

10) Be Unique

My best advice for friends, family, my kids and loved ones is to remember that we are all unique. Don’t be ashamed of who you are if you are different. It’s our uniqueness that makes us all so special and our differences are beautiful. How you feel about yourself projects upon how you become so know that you are a loving being filled with positive light (even if it’s deep inside there somewhere.)

One Last Note on Feelings

Be ok with having emotions and expressing yourself in a positive way but to stay clear of showing this through shame, guilt, blame or hateful words. Anger is also an emotion but it’s how we output this to each other. Try explaining: the emotion you feel, the actions the other person is having which you see as a problem and suggesting positive change for a mutual outcome.

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MOTHER'S DAY GIVEAWAY for your choice of 4 rolls of Pattern Duct Tape

10 Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2018 #GIVEAWAY

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Finally, we can get outdoors, spend time in the sun, enjoy a Sunday with mom and take an afternoon walk with friends or family. My favorite Spring Holiday has always been Mother’s Day. Maybe it’s because my mom is so special and I love her so much! This year for Mother’s Day, I’m attending Allgauer’s Mother’s Day Brunch with my mom, my sister and my 3 boys. This “award winning Mother’s Day Champagne Brunch” features “over 100 decadent items ranging from unlimited Bubbly Champagne and Mimosas, Oysters on the Half-Shell…Dozens of Fresh Salads, Hand Carved Meats…Kid’s Buffet and a Never-Ending Dessert Buffet including Baked Alaska!” I love good food and I love spending time with with my mom so this is going to be amazing.

I am happy this year to celebrate our moms by sharing with you this awesome list of gift ideas of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas which I hope you find useful and fun!

This post contains affiliate links which I use to keep the office lights on (and coffee.) Read the Disclosure, Terms and Privacy fineprint here, learn about the giveaway rules and note, no product samples were provided for this review and the opinions expressed here are original, unique and my ideas solely.


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Now on to the our curated list of 10 awesome Mother’s Day gift ideas for this year, 2018. These gift ideas are all selected by me with: product info; price; purchase link and; social links for each product. I’d love for you to show your support to these manufacturers by visiting and following. I hope you enjoy these awesome Mother’s Day gift ideas which I know would make great gifts to give your mom.

1. Lonely Planet Travel Coloring Book – $10

Coloring isn’t just healthy for kids, everyone can enjoy the therapeutic process of using your imagination, being creative and fulfillment of bringing pages to life artistically. This fun travel product for adults by Lonely Planet is a great Mother’s Day gift for all moms! New and exciting news has been shared with us too that Lonely Planet has also launched Lonely Planet Kids where we can discover a whole new world of creative travel adventures. This Ultimate Travel Coloring Books is also available at the Lonely Planet Shop and their Amazon store as well!

Join Lonely Planet Kids on Facebook and Twitter.



2. Soap Rock – $10.99

Make sure to wash your hands before you eat! This beautiful soap rock will adorn any sink or shower with hints of lavendar, chamomile and more. t.s. pink makers of SoapRocks® soap bars, manufacture fine soap in the form and color of rocks and gems. They make a wonderful looking gift for mom.


3. Katie Burns Music – $7-15

Katie Burns Music is the perfect gift idea for mom as her angelic songs take you away to a beautiful place with your ears. Most of her albums are available as digital downloads, streaming, CD and some on record/album/vinyl. The Katie Burns You’ll find your way album is my favorite, have a listen.



4. Wine glasses that are fun! From TargetStemless Wine Glasses – $6.29/ea

Entertain mom with wine and the fun messages that come with these stemless happy hour glasses!



Click here to enter our giveaway for your chance to win 4 rolls of either of these Duct Tape rolls5. Beautiful Duct Tape – $6-12

Share this perfect mother’s day gift which can be used for everyday fix-it needs, to bring a decorative touch to gift wrapping or to bring life to old wares. Our favorite patterns are Buffalo Plaid and Vintage Floral Duct Tape!

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6. Essential Oil Diffuser – $16.95

This is a great purchase for mom as it brings a great scent to a home and can be calming. I like this oil diffuser as it stops automagically when the water runs out and has multiple settings and modes.


7. Love Necklace – $19.99

This beautiful sterling necklace will grab your moms heart and show her that you love her in a way with this jewelry.


8. Woodsnap – Prices Vary

Sustainable wood prints.
WoodSnap prints your favorite photos and illustrations onto beautiful wood.
Create your Personalized Wood Print Today.



9. Seed Savers Exchange gifts for Mom!Flour Sack Towels – $8.95/ea

These hand or dish towels from Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, IA are perfect for mom’s kitchen available in Apple, Bean, Carrot, Country Gentleman and Tomato print varieties and sold separately.



10. Your Undivided Attention

This mother’s day give your mom the gift of time and show her your love by being with her, even if for a short visit to listen to your mom and spend quality time just being together.

Sources: Good HousekeepingAmazon.comWoman'sDay

10 Best Valentine’s Day gifts to give to a friend

When I was in elementary school, every Valentine’s Day my class would exchange greeting cards and now that I’m all grown up (sort of) I always love giving Valentine’s gifts to those I am close to like friends and family. With the simplicity of online shopping, Valentine’s Day gift giving has never been so easy and so I am happy to present you with my 10 best Valentine’s Day gifts that are perfect to give to a BFF, BAE or close friend. This list is not intended for men or women, him or her but for all! Below each product, you’ll see some manufacturer’s socials too.

View Amazon Wishlist

This post contains affiliate links which I use to keep the office lights on (and coffee.) Read the Disclosure, Terms and Privacy fineprint here, learn about the giveaway rules and note, product samples were provided to our testing dept. for this review however, opinions are original, unique and our ideas solely.


1. Hard Cover Journal

This notebook is perfect for writing, taking down thoughts and come with a 70 sheets for your friend to jot down their ideas. Available for Amazon Prime members for $16.


2. One Line A Day Memory Book

That’s right. This journal leaves you with just enough space to make a one line entry for each day. There’s 365 daily entry spaces in this book x5 to make five years worth of one-liner entries. Pretty cool gift idea for a friend and available for Amazon Prime members for $11.


3. Prince – Purple Rain Record

Prince was a one-of-a-kind artist and there will never be another like him. Vinyl is where it’s at from a music listening experience and if you know your friend has a record player, this amazing album is a must-have for any audiophiles collection! Available for $29 in Vinyl format from Amazon.


4. Portable Charcoal Grill

Everyone likes to grill out right? This amazing portable BBQ grill folds up tight for easy storage and can accommodate cooking for a party of two! It’s small and convenient and locks for easy transport! Available from Amazon for $67 and a perfect gift for the BFF or best buddy in your life!


5. Echo Dot

This second generation Echo Dot by Amazon featuring Alexa is a must-have for the tech-savvy household. My 6-year-old’s favorite request for Alexa is to make her fart! But seriously, the Echo Dot is an entry point to using Alexa to control so many things for example Alexa will help you with: making a phone call, ordering items on Amazon, chat with you when you are lonely or want to look up information, plays music from Amazon Music or many other music streaming services (Pandora is my fav’) and so much more! Listed at $39 on Amazon, this item is a perfect gift for a friend.

6. Canvas Travel Bag

This rugged backpack doubles as a carry-on and has tons of storage for the on the go friend. Perfect for backpacking, work, traveling, hiking, camping, school or other on-the-go needs. Plus it just looks classy and somewhat old school and for $37 on Amazon, it’s time to gear up!

7. Scented Candle

Send this large candle to a friend who will love filling their home with the scent of balsam fir. This candle may ship from Amazon but it is made in Maine, USA and is high quality and will last a long time too. Available for Amazon Prime members for just $19.


8. Essential Oil Diffuser

I have this very diffuser and it’s such a joy to use. I can fill it and once it’s empty its auto-shutoff feature kicks in. Use this diffuser with or without the LED lights too, which we love. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the friend in your life and for $15 on Amazon with fast shipping for Prime members, it’s quite the deal.

9. Mini-Espresso Maker

This self-contained miniature espresso maker is small and versatile and with no plugs needed, makes the pefect travel companion fort the espresso aficionado in your life! Grab this hand operated wonder as a Valentine’s day gift for a friend or loved one for just $49 on Amazon.



10. Quality Time

The best gift to give to a friend is your time. Be present. Show up, listen, say hello and spent time with those you love.

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Sources: REALSIMPLE - HouseBeautiful - CountryLiving - Amazon Wishlist

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Among many titles, Marty Nachel wrote the bible of beer making books Homebrewing For Dummies which you can find on Amazon. Marty is also a Faculty member at the College of DuPage Business of Craft Beer certificate program where you can join him for a 5-week Beer Evaluation course at College of DuPage to become a certified beer judge. Program info is available on the Aleconner Facebook page, at the COD.edu website or call (630) 942-2208 for class registration info!

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