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10 top holiday gifts in 2019 for mom dad and kids #giveaway

Keller making a gingerbread houseThere’s lots of ways to celebrate the holidays and everyone is different. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, the Chinese New Year, Diwali or other wintertime holidays, we all need some great gift ideas to celebrate our love for each other this 2019.

***DEC 12, 2019 UPDATE*** We’re happy to share that Cynthia R is the winner of this giveaway!!

Wondering what perfect gifts to give your wife, son, daughter or husband?


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Gifts For The Kids

One Moosh-Moosh Plushies

Winner of the Tillywig 2019 TOP FUN Award Winner

Cuddle up with these snuggly pillow friends available in a huge variety like Crush the Shark or Archie the owl from the Moosh-Moosh Spooky Series collection. Many of the Moosh-Moosh plushies are available as Sequins and in varying sizes. My kids and I all have different Moosh-Moosh pillows which we snuggle in bed are while watching a movie. These pillow friends are extremely affordable too from $5.99 for the Clip-on size to $14.99 for the Large size Moosh-Moosh plushies.

Daisy the Caticorn Moosh-MooshOur favorite is Daisy the white Caticorn who’s available in small, medium and large size plush pillow friends. Shop for your favorite #mooshmoosh plushie at https://www.moosh-moosh.com/, Michaels stores, CVS Pharmacy, Staples, Walgreens and Joann retail outlets. There’s other cute products made by Moosh-Moosh too including: flashlights; Slipperz and more.

Buy on Moosh-Moosh.com

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Two Original Super Cool Slime

We tested out and had fun with the Unicorn Poop Slime and Jurassic World Slimes from Original Super Cool Slime, a product of Salus Brands. These make funny sounds, are slimy and slippery and fun to play with in your hands. The Jurassic World slimes in this video are the Indoraptor in black slime and the T. Rex in green slime. My boys’ favorite idea with the slime was to giggle the slime while making funny sounds while the slime seeped through their little fingers.
Jurassic World Slime from Original Super Cool

From Salus Brands, manufacturer of the Original Super Cool Slime brand: “Original Super Cool is Salus Brands’ most rapidly expanding brand. With their signature formula, their slime not like anything you’ve ever touched. It feels wet and cold but is still a solid! In 2015 Salus Brands released Original Super Cool Slime with three amazing multi-color metallic designs to choose from. It was in 2017 though, that Salus Brands released their Unicorn Poop Slime and immediately knew they would need to continue developing the line to meet such high demands. Now with the addition of Jurassic World Slime and the launch of Original Super Cool Putty, Salus Brands is incredibly excited to continue expanding.”

Purchase on Amazon

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Three High Quality Ukuleles

From Salus Brands, makers os Coconut Float®, PopOhVer®, Original Super Cool® and of course, KeiKi Music Ukuleles — available in 4 colors including two hues of blue, a Sunset Red and natural wood color. These small stringed music instruments are unique as they’re high quality and affordable at $29.95. The brand name of these ukuleles is KeiKi which in Hawaiian means “little one”—the KeiKi Ukulele is ideal for a little one to enjoy making sound for our ears and for the little one’s hands to create music.
KeiKi Music Ukulele
We’ve had fun making music with our KeiKi Ukuleles and we’ve found that the accessories which are included with each instrument make a difference in being able to begin playing this product, out-of-the-box. The accessories included in the KeiKi Ukulele box include: a few picks (I prefer using my fingers); an instruction book which demonstrates how to tunes the instrument with suggested chords; a digital tuner (which is helpful as, like all other new instruments) the Ukulele has to be incrementally tuned as you begin to play on numerous occasions and a strap which I have not tried yet. My youngest son has continued to bring out our KeiKi Ukulele to pluck away and strum the strings as these instruments are fun to play to make music and they sound really great too!

KeiKe Music Ukuleles are a recent winner of the acclaimed Recommended Award by Parents’ Choice Foundation.

Buy from KeiKiUkuleles.com

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Four Portable North Pole

Portable North Pole, a family Christmas tradition, (desktop/mobile app) used by Santa and his elves to send personalized video messages and calls to the people you care about most. Grown-ups secretly sign-up on the Portable North Pole website or mobile App where Santa and his elves create personalized memorable videos or call messages to last a lifetime. Exclusive premium messages and video and call packages range from FREE to $14.99, delivering access to an exciting range of unique personalization options in natural-sounding English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

In addition to the personalized messages from Portable North Pole, our favorite products from this brand are the three Mini Ornaments (Kiki the Cardinal, Karamelli the Reindeer and Okida the Husky).

Shop Portable North Pole

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Gifts For The Whole Family

Five Chalk of the Town

The very popular Chalk of the Town products have taken over many social media influencer accounts and the idea behind Chalk of the Town is very original and creative. Chalk of the Town products feature a chalk-like surface which allow you to draw a personal design of your choice using the company’s chalk markers. Products from Chalk of the Town include short and long sleeve shirts in both kids and adult sizes, a sweet patch, stencils to help with creating your artwork and two styles of tote bags. Shop for a variety of Shirts, Totes and more at ChalkoftheTown.com.

Chalk of the Town Influencers and Media Greatest Hits

Chalk of the Town has been getting some great media coverage in product reviews, in holiday gift guides plus YouTube, traditional news media, blogs, Social media influencers and more.

Shop Chalk of the Town

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Gift number 6 Echo Dot 3rd Generation with Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 3rd Gen in Plum

One November 6, 2019, Amazon Alexa turned 5-years-old. With the amazing invention of the Amazon Echo devices, AI technology simplifies so many tasks and we’ve found our Echo Dots to cover so many everyday tasks. Since I received my first Echo Dot in 2017, I’ve purchased many more which my family and I use to stream music (Echo devices work well with Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify) and many other tasks like: assign timers; reminders; learn the weather or time; get notifications about shipping and; I often connect my computer to my Echo Dots via Bluetooth to play music from iTunes, YouTube and Google Play Music. One of my favorite tricks with the Echo Dot devices is to create a group with more than one Echo Dot and have them all play the same music which fills my house with the same song.

The 3rd Generation Echo Dot shown above is the Plum color but this device also comes in Sandstone (white), Charcoal (black) and Heather Gray. I can’t forget to mention how amazing the “talk to me Alexa” feature is which taps into the Alexa Prize Socialbots (a collegiate AI Competition) allowing you to have a conversation, learn and be entertained by Amazon’s Alexa.

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SevenYeti Rambler Lowball Tumbler

This coffee lovers dream mug (or hot cocoa for the littles) comes with an insulated top and a huge variety of colors including my favorite, Stainless Steel. The “ideal drinking companion” will not leave a ring on your table and keeps your drinks hot and cold for a long time! Available on Amazon for an inexpensive $19.99.

Buy on Amazon

Eight Charlie Brown Christmas Record

Charlie Brown Christmas Record
This classic holiday vinyl album will bring magic to your ears with Vince Guaraldi’s beautiful piano music. Original recorded for CBS for the Charlie Brown Christmas TV Special, the Children singing in these songs are real. Enjoy this Vince Guaraldi – Charlie Brown Christmas Vinyl Record for a low-low price for Amazon Prime Members.

Purchase on Amazon

Gifts For Mom & Dad

9 Electric Fat Trike

This trike by Electric Bike Technologies is built in Pennsylvania, USA, ($2000 + $250 shipping) delivers fully assembled. It’s rugged, safe and includes many e-bike accessories. Ride with confidence using the front and back brakes, fat tires, electric motor in front and seven peddle gears. My hometown has many steep hills which this trike has no issues climbing safely. The electric motor has five speeds and kicks in with pedal assist by default. The big bagged storage compartment in back has plenty of room to carry an extra battery, helmet, bluetooth speaker or backpack with groceries. We highly recommend this as a family gift or for the man or woman in your life who wants a different route to work, some exercise or to explore outdoors. This Fat Electric Trike is so fun and all three of my boys also love to ride it too.

Shop ElectricBikeStore.com

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10 Charcoal Companion® Flexible Grill Basket

buy this Charcoal Companion Rectangle Flexi Grilling Basket

This non-stick rack grabs vegi’s or meat on the grill or oven and includes a handle! Hold big baked potatoes or grill full chicken with strong, built-in “prongs”. Enjoy easy “on the grill” taste with the Non-Stick Rectangle Flexi Basket, a large heat-resistant food holder from Charcoal Companion® for $19.99. Shop all their amazing grilling fun products via their secure Shopify store.

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