Top 2020 Christmas gifts for the whole family

Top 2020 Christmas gifts for the whole family

This year, I feel especially thankful for a great life🙏🏻💯 with people I love and purpose for good. The feeling during the holiday giving season bring home people and give me time to slow down and show appreciation sometimes as a gift! These are my favorite family gift ideas this 2020 holiday 💕 for mom, dad and kids.

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2020 Gifts for Mom and Dad

Echo Auto

Echo Auto

This Alexa enable Echo device works with your phone’s Alexa app to enable your vehicle to have Alexa through your Bluetooth or Aux input! No battery required.

Handmade Candles

Buy a wonderful gift for her that is actually made in the USA. This Fiverr seller offers a variety of handmade candles that ship in 2 business days. This Fiverr seller will make these candles for you in a favorite of scents including French Vanilla; French Lavender; Blueberry Muffin; Apple Cinnamon and; Cranberry Mandarin.

AAA Gift Membership

Want your new teen driver, family member or friend to have roadside assistance and more? AAA offers peace of mind knowing they are covered in roadside emergencies plus travel perks!

Gifts for the Whole Family Christmas 2020

Sony PS4

With the recent launch of the PS5, now’s the time to grab a PS4 as these are on sale with steep discounts! This incredible game console has a long list of entertainment uses including games, music, TV and more!

Yo Ring

We just received Yo Ring in the mail and are super exciting to try this out as a family! My kids love to play outside and this seems like a perfect fit for all ages who like activities! Available in red, yellow and blue single or 3-packs. “Everyone Is Talking About The Pocket-Sized Yo Ring That Sails Through The Air And, Eventually, Lands On Your Finger.”

Froggy’s Lair African Dwarf Frogs BioSphere

Froggy’s Lair African Dwarf Frogs BioSphere

Froggy’s Lair Best-of Influencer Content

I’ve had my Froggy’s Lair 1 gallon Biosphere in my office for a few months now and they give me a calming relaxed vibe. These frogs are the definition of chill. They relax and vibe out and bring a touch of nature to my workday space, which I enjoy. The Frogs have been named Swimmy One and Swimmy Two, mostly, Swimmies. I love feeding my Froggy’s Lair frogs and my kids also help feed Swimmies. The frogs are active but they relax and vibe out often. More recently Swimmy One hangs out near the upper half of the Biosphere on the baboo plant stalk under water. They come up for air infrequently, the frogs seem to enjoy feeding time and are very-very low maintenance, feeding 2 times per week and easy tank cleaning every 3 months or so.

2020 Holiday Gifts for Kids

PowerHaus by Adventerra Games


@hollandale964 & @coolkeller playing PowerHaus #boardgame

♬ original sound – Matt W. Sweeny

Oliver, River and Keller played PowerHaus by Adventerra Games North America. I noticed while we played PowerHaus that we learning quick, fun tips about how to save on our home’s energy bills! This board game provides an ingenious way to teach my kids how to save money by using less in at home. PowerHaus is age-appropriate for kids and teens and adults too (lol). The eco-board game showed us tricks we didn’t know too. For example, we can save on our electricity bill by unplugging unused appliances and phone chargers, when not in use. Reading the game directions is required to learn gameplay and PowerHaus was fun and challenging. We even had success playing with three players! A great cooperative family game. 💯

iHeartArt art kits by Bright Stripes


Thanks to #brightstripes #iheartart for the art supplies! @coolkeller

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman


The Bright Stripes art kits are the perfect gift for creative adults or kids because of their high-quality and excellent price! Keller had such a different idea of what to create with his iHeartArt kit as he used dots of the paint and added water to make shirls. Watch it all in the TikTok video above. We also tried out the LED Candle Critters creative art project where Toli was able to paint an LED candle-light designed as a Fox! Candle Critters are available in fun varieties like Unicorn, Mouse, Turtle, Bunny and more.

Blue Snuggle Monster and bedtime book companion from Continuum Games

Fungisaurs Dino-mushroom hybrid toys & AR app

Fungisaurs Dino-mushroom hybrid toys & AR app

This summer we first tried out Fungisaurs which turned out to be fun to play with outside as well as inside the house. Outside, we posed our Fungisuars around the garden and in the yard using the AR iOS app to render our Fungisuars on screen! Check out the top #Fungisaurs posts.

Jambo Books Club subscription

Talking ATM Machine by Thin Air Brands


Toli had fun sharpening his math skills with the Dr. STEM Toys Talking ATM machine! This is a great holiday present for kids! Follow Thin Air Brands – Dr. STEM Toys on Instagram • @DrSTEMtoys

Card Games by TREND Enterprises

Card Games by TREND Enterprises

Since we’ve had our new card games from TREND Enterprises in the house, an often asked question I hear is, “Can we play Gemz?” What that, I’m proud to announce, it’s Official! Our favorite game to play with Sami is definitely Gemz From TREND Enterprises. Thanks to @TRENDEnterprises on Instagram for the holiday game image above 😉

Corduroy plush Tiger from TriAction Toys European importer

Whatsitsface emotional plush Kitty-Cat pal


Sami had an interesting and fun time making the same emotional faces as his Whatsitsfacetoys kitty cat. Whatsitsface identifies six different emotions and our plush cat had sam challenged to flip to a face then mimick how the toy’s face looks on our face! It’s great practice for conversations about feelings, emotions, and being human. Whatsitsface has recently even been nominated for Plush Toy of the Year by the Toy Association!

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