Netflix streaming best of May 2016

Netflix is constantly updating their library of movies which are available for streaming and with the huge volume of choices, it is sometimes hard to sift through and decide quickly what to watch. Below are the best movies on Netflix organized for younger viewers and for the older kids, teens and parents. Please note the recommendations to check if each movie is appropriate for your kids.

Appropriate For Kids 4+

Appropriate For Kids 7+

Appropriate for Kids 10-12+

Appropriate for Teens

Just For Parents (aka 18+)


When trying to decide which movies are appropriate for which aged kids or young adults, we always refer to Common Sense Media with a quick search for our movie in question on the Common Sense Media website. This unbiased guide ranks the ages each movie is appropriate for based on parents and kids feedback. Not only can parents use the Common Sense Media but it’s perfect for kids to reference too.


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