Revisiting Spring in Ireland

Last year, my mom went to Ireland for a Spring vacation and here’s her experience.

Kerry Peninsula, Ireland

Ireland Cliffs of Mordor
Ireland Cliffs of Mordor

We are enjoying ourselves immensely.  The weather has been glorious, mid-60s and mostly sunny.  We had rain only one day which was a pleasant surprise. Our tour is going well, lots of history, castles, gorgeous scenery, museums and landmarks. We’re enjoying eating out and many walks, not enough to compensate for the food.

Last night at dinner, in addition to the main dish, we were served mashed, whole and french fries potatoes, plus a salad and “root” vegetables.  Oh, my.

Arriving three days early was a great idea. We immersed ourselves in touring Dublin and We learned so much about Irish history.  We were able to see the mummified bog men…don’t walk on sinking ground.

Yesterday we drove around the Kerry Peninsula, 120 miles of gorgeous scenery ..aquamarine and deep blue Atlantic on one side and precipitously steep, boulder and rock strewn tall hills (or are they small mountains) on the other.  Easy to why sheep are everywhere, but I saw few places where any potatoes, of anything else, could be planted.  Beautiful land but austere in the extreme.

We went to a place called the Cliffs of Mohar.  It was beautiful. I didn’t see puffins, although that would have been a wonderful surprise. In the evening we went to a castle, had dinner and then a show.
A night out at a Castle for dinner in Ireland


One more day of Ireland fun

After an interesting day here in Belfast, N. Ireland, we went for a stroll around our hotel and stopped for dinner at a pub called Hell Cat Mattie’s. About half way through dinner music started- so check out the picture of the singer!
A hike then Dinner in Dublin IrelandA hike then Dinner in Dublin IrelandWe walked down to the river that runs through the middle of town and we found a big sculpture of a salmon to commemorate cleaning up the river enough that the salmon came back. It’s lovely that it’s very eco friendly here.A hike then Dinner in Dublin Ireland
We’ve seen many small cars which it’s safe to assume is a result of motivated buyers paying gas at $8 a gallon! Unsustainable!! We fly home in two days!

Dublin Airport
Dublin, Ireland Airport –

We’re all packed up and ready to go-what a great time! I can see we’ve got good weather tomorrow for our final trip home. We’ll enjoy the 2 hour bus ride from our resort to the Dublin airport and then straight home- a 7 hour flight. Our flight leaves Dublin, Ireland at 10pm so that’s great timing.

The bus ride was great but Uggh.  The airport security and customs were a real cattle call. We’re at our gate and taking off at 10am CST home time and we’ll land at 6:30pm Chicago time and home about 8:30.  By then it’ll be 2:30 am Ireland time, so I’ll stay up for an hour and then go to bed. 🥰
~ Guest post by Marilyn Sweeny