Sanibel Island, FL vintage postcard

Heavenly Fall Vacation to Sanibel Island 🌴 Florida

Mom Sweeny in FloridaEach year, thanks to Mom Sweeny, our family has the opportunity to visit what’s described as “heaven on Earth”, Sanibel Island on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Sanibel is a magical place in nature with beaches, birds and sunsets. Imagine walking on a shell covered shore with warm air and birds flying above. This past week Mom Sweeny visited our beloved Sanibel Island, FL for a Fall vacation in October! Below are highlights from this trip to Heaven down South, USA.

Naples Botanical Garden

This was the first day I’ve gone down to the beach and I actually got in. The water was very warm and it’s sunny but not boiling.

We’re going on a sunset cruise tonight to see birds and I hope, dolphins. Our evening cruise was great with lots of wading birds, osprey and pelicans with beautiful sunsets. Then, we went to the Sanibel Historic Village today which was very interesting and part of Ding Darling.

One last vacation update. We went to the Sanibel lighthouse beach this afternoon. Wonderful shells…so much for my intentions to only pick up orange shells. The water was clear. We founds lots of sand dollars but most were alive, so we had to throw them back. 😟 We also found two big whelk shells, maybe 7 inches long, but they were still alive, so again, we had to throw them back. Darn! No hermit crabs.

This evening we drive to the beach between Sanibel and Captiva to see the sunset. It was so pretty. πŸŒ΄βœŒπŸΌπŸ’•πŸ€—

I’ll be home tomorrow. Love you & Hugs. πŸŒ…