Unicorn Easter gifts kids want in 2019

Are you wanting to buy Easter gifts the kids will love?

Toy trends have taken some interesting turns with popularity in product categories including slime, poop and everything unicorn! This Easter, fill your kids’ baskets with some non-candy gifts with a unicorn twist! After scouring for the best unicorn Easter gifts, let’s obsess over these magical horses with their cuteness and enchantment to fill that obligatory Springtime gift basket with these top unicorn gift ideas from online retailers like Etsy, Amazon, Wish, Kohls and more—Enjoy!

Unicorn Aviators

at Target.com

These whimsical Elli by Capelli sunglasses from Kohls.com are rainbow styled with round frames which fit ages 3 and up.

$12 – Buy at Kohls.com

Unicorn Trinket Tray

availabe at Kohls.com

Everyone needs a place to organize accessories. This unicorn tray by LC Lauren Conrad is available at Kohls.com and is made of ceramic.

$26 – Buy on Kohls.com


by Moosh-Moosh plushies

These plush Slipperz by Moosh-Moosh will melt your heart. Available in many styles, the Llamacorn Slipperz are super soft and are available for $16.99 on Moosh-Moosh.com.

$16.99 – Buy on Moosh-Moosh.com

Unicorn Chuck Taylors

on Kohls.com

These super slick Converse All-Star gym shoes are to die for! Available in both unicorn and rainbow print, and only $34.99 at Kohls.com.

$34.66 – Buy on Kohls.com

Plush Unicorn Pillow

from Moosh-Moosh

Moosh-Moosh also makes a number of sequin and non-sequin style plush pillows which may be the squishiest, cutest, huggable “plush buddies” that you can buy! These pillow friends are your cuddle buddy and there’s too many plush characters choose from! Available in different sizes, pictured here is the large Moosh-Moosh Plushie, available for $16.99 on Moosh-Moosh.com.

$16.99 – Buy on Moosh-Moosh.com

Handmade Hatching Unicorn and Egg

on Etsy.com

These made to order delightful unicorns with hatching eggs are handmade from 100% cotton yarn. The creator, @ElephantBearAndFox has made these safe for young kids too utilizing safety eyes. Available on Etsy.com for $15.

$15 – Buy on Etsy.com

Unicorn Poop Slime

on Amazon.com

Have fun with this 3-pack of awesome unicorn poop slime made by Kangaroo Manufacturing. Other slimes from Kangaroo include Glow In The Dark, Emoji Poop Slime and Original Cool Slimes. The Unicorn Poop Slime 3-pack are available on Amazon.com for only $10.99.

$10.99 – Buy on Amazon.com

Playmobil Unicorn Set

on Target.com

The large selection of Playmobil sets even include this fun fairy play box with two mystical, frolicking fairies, a child fairy, a unicorn friend and lots of accessories. This Fairy Box even plays music!  Good for kids 4 and up, this Playmobil set is available at Target.com for $19.99.

$19.99 – Buy at Target.com

Unicorn Lego Minifigure

from Etsy.com

This custom unicorn mini-figure is available on Etsy for around $4 but expect shipping to be a bit longer as it’s produced and ships from the UK.

$4.06 – Buy at Etsy.com

Unicorn Bath Bomb & Lip Balm

at Kohls.com

Bring some magic to bath time and more with the Lip Smacker brand unicorn bath bomb and lip balm set. For ages 6 and up at Kohls.com.

$15 – Buy at Kohls.com

Unicorn Earphone Case

from Wish.com

For use with wireless earbuds, these cute protective covers are functional and come embellished with kewl bling on a keychain. Available on Wish.com for just $5.

$5 – Buy on Wish.com

Unicorn Bot Kit

from Kohls

Create and build your own unicorn robot with this Blocky coding platform enabled DIY kit. Includes app and 3D buildable animated instructions and available at Kohls.com.

$99 – Buy at Kohls.com

Unicorn Smart Watch

on Kohls.com

The iTouch Kids Unicorn Smart Watch is rechargeable and includes 10 games, 20 clock faces and more features. Buy in-store or online at Kohls.com.

$31.99-$49.99 – Buy on Kohls.com

Unicorn Pool Float

on Amazon.com

This pink unicorn pool float made by Coconut Float is durable and for kids and adults. Available on Amazon for $19.99.

$19.99 – Buy on Amazon.com

DIY Unicorn Stained Glass

at Target.com

This Melissa & Doug “Glass Made Easy” set gives kids and kidults a chance to design their own stained glass artwork. Great for kids 4 years and older, this set includes everything needed, even the hardware to hang in a window. Available in Owl and Unicorn for $19.99 at Kohls.com.

$19.99 – Buy at Kohls.com

Hearthsong Unicorn Stationary Set

at Target.com

This full set includes postcards, stationary letter paper, a dairy (of course), journal and more. There’s more than 90 pieces in this unicorn-themed set, even envelopes. Available at Target.com for $23.97.

$23.97 – Buy at Target.com

Multi-Color Unicorn Pen

on Wish.com

This color changing ball-point pen comes in three styles including flamingo, unicorn and dino and writes in 10 different colors. Available on Wish.com for around $3.

$3 – Buy on Wish.com

Unicorn Pencil Holder

at Kohls.com

Get crafty with this unicorn style pencil holder with 10 colored pencils included. Ships to lower 48 United States only from Kohls.com.

$20 – Buy at Kohls.com